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Whew. I have never appreciated getting well as much as I do now. And to think I used to freign sickness during my 6-month stint as a call center agent just to get out of work. I guess it’s really different when you’re running your own business… You just can’t afford to get sick.

Anyway, I feel much better now. Thanks to those who wished me to get well. Really appreciate it!

I have such a backlog on my emails now… I’m not really sure if I’ve answered all of the questions thrown at me. I’ve lost track, honestly. Inquiries are posted all over the site, I’m not even sure I’ve been able to answer all of them. If you had a question for me rotting during the past week, please do send me an email at pixeliera[at]gmail[dot]com to follow it up and I’ll try my best to answer you. My apologies for that. :)

Oh yes, now for the blog title… Yeah, you read it right. Not many people still know about the Dapit Hapon Theme and I’m already cooking up another theme to throw into the fray. I don’t know why really. Maybe it’s creative overload… Or maybe I just miss creating themes. I’ve been teaching my sister how to make homemade paper this summer (it’s our little arts and crafts summer program) and been working on a yearbook design… Yeah, that’s it. I’m just missing designing for web. I have a design ready here, just need to do the CSS part. Please expect another theme soon!

By the way, you can expect some changes on this site. I’ve been contemplating on combining my personal blog with this one since having two separate ones can be such a headache. I’ll create a page especially for theme questions so I won’t have trouble keeping track of them like I am now. I’m redesigning my personal blog anyway, so I thought what the heck. What do you think?

12 thoughts on “New theme?

  1. Obi

    Hi there. I sent you an email about your filipino theme. But I need some help. Please reply. Salamat po.

  2. Dana

    Glad you are well agin Gail :)

    The customizations I see people doing to your theme are really awsome.I treid to customize my header too but I lack graphic skills which is why I have always loved theme with simple headers.Before switching to your theme I used the Drunkey-Love theme for about 3 months, which was a recored for me :)

  3. Jack

    Hi Gail! I really like your theme and would like to use it on my own blog as a basis. But I was wondering, you seem to have some code in place to stop images appearing on the homepage, could you possibly let me know how to turn this off so that the images to appear?

    And perhaps how to lengthen the amount of the post excert on the homepage?

    Thank-you very much again for the design, and any help. Glad you’re feeling better, hope it wasn’t too serious.

    Jack x

  4. Jack

    Wow speedy response. Awesome stuff, this is exactly what I was after. Thank-you I really appreciate it.

    Sorry to hear it was serious – great to hear you are better!!

    Jack x

  5. Dana

    Header Customization Question.

    I recognize this question may be a little more difficulyt to answer, so I will understand if it is passed over :)

    I have seen may customizations to the header image and I wonder how they are done? I have various graphics program but am not very good at them.

    I actually like the header but would like to use it without the wheel, frui, peoplet and basket images.I tried cropping it out but that didn’t work.

    Any chance someone can explain how to use the header with just sky image?

    Thanks :)

  6. Gail

    DANA: Thanks for the link! Will post that here within this week. I’m just finishing up my personal blog and wedding blog templates. My fiance’s been bugging me to get a move on it :D

    I have been thinking releasing a copy of just the sky image. I’ve seen great mods on this theme, and I think it would make modification easier. Anyway, tomorrow I’ll prepare the image files (Photoshop PSD and JPEG) so anybody can modify it :) Will email you when I make the post!

  7. Obi

    Yup. I got your email Gail. Sorry if I didn’t get to respond to you right away. Been busy with other non-web related stuff. Anyhoo, I think the problem is beyond just setting up the theme but on running wordpress itself. I can’t get wp to work at all. Thanks again for your help.

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