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I’m sorry for being such an irresponsible blogger on this site :( Been busy with work and at the same time creating a theme for my fiance and doing some charity web projects (no, I’m not being sarcastic, they really ARE for charity). Anyway, you’ll see them soon! I have a project in the works for this site, as well as another theme in the making :)

Back to the point. Frank Robinson sent me this pretty admin CSS based on Dapit Hapon colors!

Dapit Hapon Admin screenshot

I’ll be putting this up on the Download page as soon as I fix up the layout this weekend. Anyway, you can download the CSS here for the time being. Always remember to have a backup of your original CSS file in case you change your mind. Enjoy!!!

You can now take many web design programs online from the comfort of home.

4 thoughts on “Dapit Hapon Admin

  1. reak

    hi gail, i’m using your theme for my blog. Thanks for the design. However, i wish I could display the whole post in front page rather than a 4-line summary. I wish you could tell me where to modify this. Thanks again.

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