The B5media $2m

Ok, I don’t normally like blogging about stuff like this here, but this is really interesting. Well, for me at least. What can I say? I’m a sucker for hearing about controversies (I just don’t like being in one myself hehehe) 😀

I first heard the news about B5media getting a $2 million VC funding from Abe’s blog. Bloggers I know from the group are ecstatic—I mean, why wouldn’t they right? Jayvee is happy, and so are the commenters on Abe’s post about it.

Before I go on further, congratulations! Good work, B5!

I’ve been seeing a lot of “congratulations” stuff and “good work” comments within our local community, but going outside the circle, response isn’t exactly as fine and dandy. But then again, I guess that’s how life is—if you aren’t the receiving end of the $2 million funding, it’s only natural to wonder why it wasn’t you or somebody else you think “deserved it more.”

Valleywag says outright that B5media doesn’t deserve $2 million. According to Nick:

“With information overload comes opportunities on a number of fronts. The most obvious is authority.” Which b5media doesn’t have. Why not invest in someone who’s already established some of that?

There really aren’t much explanation on the post except for a few remarks on why Rick Segal “gives all the wrong reasons.” It would have been nice to see some of that though. Because right now, the impression I’m getting is a simple case of sour grapes.

B5media doesn’t have authority? The investors obviously saw something that Nick didn’t. After all, they DID invest in B5media, and not the ones he thought already “established authority.”

Pardon me for saying so, but Valleywag comes off a tad bit snooty about B5media’s $2m. A little bit elaboration on the scathing remarks would have been nice, and would justify the snooty tone 😛

Well, that’s just MY opinion. But then again, who am I to say anything? I’m not even a B-lister in whatever list they may have out there 😀

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  1. First of all, thanks for the congrats. I am one of the (very) new bloggers over at b5. Meaning, I don’t even have my stuff set up yet. One thing that I’ve noticed with b5 is that the b5 bloggers are a very tight knit community of passionate people. I don’t think many people realize that outside of b5, especially some of the other blogging networks out there. As for the $VC, the truth is, it doesn’t matter. As passionate as we b5’rs are, we would have found a way to grow one way or another. Having the cash in hand though, only has brought us to a place where we can move forward with the dream that b5 really is at heart already.

  2. ive been with b5 since the start and from what ive seen, one of the reasons why b5 has been successful has to do more with its community of bloggers more than anything. fun people!

  3. Yes, I would think that passion is probably the reason why Rick Segal and the other investors chose you guys.

    The “I’m better than you” attitude of some people in taking the issue is just annoying.

  4. One thing to keep in mind though is that Valleywag is run by Gawker Media — an blog network that has dozens and dozens of writers on staff, many of which earn 5 and 6 figure salaries for their efforts. Gawker is one of the most successful media enterprises around (they shut down blogs that *only* get 25-30,000 pageviews per day) so when they talk about authority or “small blog networks” you have to know where they’re coming from.

  5. Well, they may have all those pageviews, but really, there wasn’t a need for the snooty remarks. Just because the $2m wasn’t invested on their network doesn’t mean that the network who got it doesn’t deserve it. And to say that “it’ll make it more fun when the company implodes”… That’s kind of rich, won’t you say? Sure, they’re popular, but it’s still annoying that they downplay other networks like that just because they weren’t the on the receiving end of the $2m.

    They have the pageviews, but B5 has the $2m 😀

    I’m not one of the investors (yeah, in my dreams), so I really won’t know why they gave B5 VC funding. But I do know a few of B5’s writers—I know for a fact how passionate they are about their writing (that’s probably one of the reasons why I found Valleywag’s remarks irritating).

    Maybe 30,000++ pageviews per day isn’t what the investors were looking for. After all, you CAN find ways to increase pageviews, but passion? That’s something you just can’t force into somebody. Maybe it was the attitude that really got them the VC funding? After all, with the right attitude, their money will definitely go far since the people they gave it to are passionate about what they do. Well, we can only speculate.

    Oh, wait, isn’t passion also one of the major things that you look for in admitting somebody into 9rules? I don’t see any “pageviews” requirement in there 😀 Hehe. If there WAS a pageviews requirement I didn’t know about, well… Hehe just tell me so I won’t even dare submitting my other blogs for Round 5 😀

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