Look, ma! No Javascript!

First of all, I’d like to apologize (again!) for my lack of updates. I know I promised you guys new themes. Believe me, I’m working on them on my spare time. Unfortunately, spare time is a luxury for me these days.

So, to make up for it, allow me to give you a short tutorial on creating mouse-over graphics without using Javascripts. I’ve seen this effect in action through sites featured in CSS galleries. And frankly, I had some difficulty finding a tutorial on them—maybe because I just don’t know which keywords to use. Hehe

If you’ve been reading my personal blog, you’ll notice that I recently did a design make-over. I kept the mouse-over effect, but this time, I used CSS for it—not Javascript.

You’re probably used to seeing simple mouse-over effects like this. It changes color when your mouse is over it. This is a simple effect, and you can even dress it up a bit by putting a background image behind it or something. But what if you wanted to use some fancy font for your link? A fancy font that isn’t available in all computers?

Usually, the solution is Javascript. But not really 🙂 It’s still possible to use CSS. Continue reading “Look, ma! No Javascript!”