Should you include everything in your portfolio?

I’ve been doing freelance work since 1999. Some projects I’ve done are still existing, while others have simply succumbed to the “fall” of the dot-com boom. There are some sites I’ve designed that have already been changed or have their domain expired. So, the question is, should you include everything you’ve done in your portfolio?

I’ve done work for a variety of clients—admittedly, some really have exemplified the meaning of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” In short, what I’m asking is the issue of whether a designer should go for quantity or quality.

Quantity can definitely be a sign of experience. It can show your transition from a newbie to a kick-ass designer. It’s like telling a prospect client, “see how much I’ve grown as a design professional.” But the thing is, do you really want the below-the-par quality work on your portfolio? Continue reading “Should you include everything in your portfolio?”