Bonky WP automatic upgrade was a blessing in disguise :P

Redesigning this blog has been long overdue… Like ONE or TWO years overdue. I just haven’t got the time to sit down and make something just for me—yep, work has been taking a huge chunk of my time. Most of the time, work stresses me out so much that I don’t want to do anything during the weekends but to sleep. My husband and I are still in the process of expanding our business, and that being said, you really end up valuing every little free time you have left.

Frankly, I was never too happy with the previous design I made for this blog. And being a web designer by profession, writing on a poorly-designed blog gives me an iffy feeling. I’m not making excuses for my lack of updates—this is still mainly due to my lack of free time—but my unease with my previous creation had also something to do with it.

But thanks to my haste to upgrade my WordPress installation, I am now forced to create a new design for this blog. I totally forgot to backup my files and the database before clicking on that ever-convenient “Automatic upgrade” button. My upgrade went bonkers, and for some reason my custom theme just disappeared. Poof! No more.

I don’t want to hassle my host in getting a backup, so I’m just creating a new theme for this one. Do watch out for it (let’s just hope I find the time to work on this during the week!).

How do you know if your blog is ready for a new look?

That’s one question I’ve been poundering on lately for this blog and my personal blog, Kutitots. I’ve been doing mostly blog re-designs lthe past few weeks (not mine, but for my clients), that I’ve considered getting one myself. I haven’t really bothered to ask my clients WHY they wanted one, but I guess the answer would be the same anyway: it’s just not working anymore.

The first reason for this is the most obvious: you’re so behind the design trends. There are some designs that are “seasonal,” kind of like clothes that can go out of fashion. But there are those that are simply “classic”—it would work whatever the current trend is. But regardless of which, even the most classic design will have to undergo a design “improvement.” It will have to adapt to the current viewers’ needs.

That is probably one of the most important things to consider when you’re thinking about getting a redesign. If your viewers matter a lot to you (well, it should actually—they’re the ones keeping your blog alive), then you would need to consider their needs. A design that worked for viewers back in the 90’s will definitely not work with those in the present. Web 2.0 isn’t just about curvey edges and cool gradients—it’s all about usability. And in order to keep up with that “usability” need, you will then have to consider getting a redesign.

Another thing that can brought about this need to change a blog’s look is an evolution in the blog’s subject. There are those who have started having a personal blog which then revolves into a tech blog—it’s pretty obvious that a “personal” look might not work well with a tech blog. This can happen you know… I myself started Kutitots as a plain old journal, but now it’s more than just a recap of my day—I prefer to think that my entries have more substance, letting other people pounder on some issues I bring up.

Anyway, whatever the reason for a redesign may be, it all just boils down to the question of “if you can handle it.” There are some people who are too attached to their current design, or just simply can’t let go because of the gazillions of modifications they did on it. Then there’s also the issue of whether you can afford it if you don’t know how to install a new theme or would like to have a custom theme designed.

The only thing to keep in mind (I guess) is that when you do decide to redesign, make sure that the old one really needs to be replaced. Let the public “absorb” the design first. I’ve already seen some blogs that change themes every week (it can get pretty annoying, and shows that you really can’t make up your mind). Besides, if you want the blog to establish a certain personality, it’s best to keep the design for some time.

On hiatus

This site is officially on hiatus. I have finally found the time to fix things up around here, so I won’t be updating this until I get everything ready and re-launched. Yep, for once this site will have its own theme. I have decided to make this into a tech blog, because frankly, techie stuff doesn’t seem to interest the readers of my personal blog much.

So anyway, you can expect some major changes happening here. I don’t know when though.

Dapit Hapon Admin

I’m sorry for being such an irresponsible blogger on this site 🙁 Been busy with work and at the same time creating a theme for my fiance and doing some charity web projects (no, I’m not being sarcastic, they really ARE for charity). Anyway, you’ll see them soon! I have a project in the works for this site, as well as another theme in the making 🙂

Back to the point. Frank Robinson sent me this pretty admin CSS based on Dapit Hapon colors!

Dapit Hapon Admin screenshot

I’ll be putting this up on the Download page as soon as I fix up the layout this weekend. Anyway, you can download the CSS here for the time being. Always remember to have a backup of your original CSS file in case you change your mind. Enjoy!!!

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I’m teasing, I know

I was reading through Terry’s ArenaWP and saw that he doesn’t have anything against releasing a theme entry to the public before he releases them in his site. Well, that’s good. If that’s the case, you guys will see my two entries sooner than you thought—sooner than WE thought.

Since the deadline for ArenaWP has expired anyway, I don’t see any harm in showing you guys the new themes in their full glory. They still won’t be available for download here at the moment though. I’ve submitted the themes to Jame’s Theme Viewer and Silkjaer’s WordPress Theme Park. To be honest, I don’t want my server to shoulder all the download requests. I’m being hosted here by SheeroMedia for free, and I might be pushing my luck too far if I do that hehe. I’ll just put up alternative download locations here when the themes are up in those sites.

I have installed Ryan Boren‘s Theme Switcher plug-in on the side bar so you guys can easily preview the themes.

By the way, the newest theme I made is called “Kurtina,” which is translated in Filipino as “curtain.” The story behind it is pretty boring, I was just inspired by the nice texture and patterns of the curtain my mom made for me to put on my bedroom windows. I initially used this as a the main layout of my photo blog, Pixeliera. I’ll be changing the layout of that site soon to a more simplistic, photo-bloggy feel, so I just modified the theme a bit for general use. Enjoy!

Header source files

As promised, you can now download the Photoshop PSD source file and a JPEG without the “objects” for easier modification. The download link is right under the Dapit Hapon Theme download. I thought of putting it there since there are others who link directly to that page. Anyway, if you’re lazy, you can download it here instead. 🙂

I really am sorry for the delay. I know I promised it yesterday, but I am Catholic 🙂 It was Good Friday yesterday, and I thought of taking a break from blogging and work. Anyway, I know everybody practically celebrates Easter, and since I’m not sure if I’ll be going online tomorrow, I’d like to greet everybody HAPPY EASTER in advance!!!

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New theme?

Whew. I have never appreciated getting well as much as I do now. And to think I used to freign sickness during my 6-month stint as a call center agent just to get out of work. I guess it’s really different when you’re running your own business… You just can’t afford to get sick.

Anyway, I feel much better now. Thanks to those who wished me to get well. Really appreciate it!

I have such a backlog on my emails now… I’m not really sure if I’ve answered all of the questions thrown at me. I’ve lost track, honestly. Inquiries are posted all over the site, I’m not even sure I’ve been able to answer all of them. If you had a question for me rotting during the past week, please do send me an email at pixeliera[at]gmail[dot]com to follow it up and I’ll try my best to answer you. My apologies for that. 🙂

Oh yes, now for the blog title… Yeah, you read it right. Not many people still know about the Dapit Hapon Theme and I’m already cooking up another theme to throw into the fray. I don’t know why really. Maybe it’s creative overload… Or maybe I just miss creating themes. I’ve been teaching my sister how to make homemade paper this summer (it’s our little arts and crafts summer program) and been working on a yearbook design… Yeah, that’s it. I’m just missing designing for web. I have a design ready here, just need to do the CSS part. Please expect another theme soon!

By the way, you can expect some changes on this site. I’ve been contemplating on combining my personal blog with this one since having two separate ones can be such a headache. I’ll create a page especially for theme questions so I won’t have trouble keeping track of them like I am now. I’m redesigning my personal blog anyway, so I thought what the heck. What do you think?

Sick :(

Sorry I haven’t really been answering your questions lately, nor updating this site on technical concerns about the Dapit Hapon theme. I’ve been sick for the past week. I feel a bit better now, but still have this awful cough. I’ll try to answer your questions within this week though 🙂

I went to an out-of-town swimming yesterday with my fiance and his colleagues. The water actually relaxed my stressed out nerves, but it didn’t do much good to my cough when I surfaced from the water (I forgot to bring a bathrobe LOL) 😀 Anyway, I’ve taken a lot of photos of the place (it was very pretty)… Some are even useful for another WP theme. So yep, another theme is in the works!

Please come back regularly for the answers to your questions. I’ll try to address them all within this week, my responses will just be a bit slower than before due to this annoying cough.

By the way, Josie, thank you for the kind words. I’m really glad you liked the theme 🙂

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Welcome everyone!

This will be the support site for the Dapit Hapon theme. Please make sure that you have read the READ_ME.txt file first (it’s included in the downloadable Zip) before shooting questions.