Attachment view

This post is for demo purposes. I just wanted to show you how the attachment page with an image looks like! 🙂

Click on the photo thumbnail below:

Harry sleeping

This is my dog, Harry, by the way. He’s one of my three favorite doggies! (We currently have 15 dogs at home right now :D)

Dapit Hapon theme now available!

You can now download the Dapit Hapon theme. This theme is also an entry to the WordPress 2.0 Theme Design Competition. Hopefully, the entry was received so I’ll updating the download links if it was.

Write up on the theme coming soon. I’m just pretty busy right now. Please leave a comment if you find any bugs. This is the first version so it might still be buggy. Any help will be appreciated.

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Welcome everyone!

This will be the support site for the Dapit Hapon theme. Please make sure that you have read the READ_ME.txt file first (it’s included in the downloadable Zip) before shooting questions.