Intuitiv Solutions Inc. is small design studio I co-own with my husband. So of course, I’ll be the one to create our branding 🙂

My concept from the logo stemmed from the company name itself — thinking and intuition. A thought bubble is the most distinguishable symbol for “thought,” so I designed the logo icon in such a way that the “i” and “s” would be integrated with the symbol. For the text, I stylized a font that’s edgy and at the same time, seemingly high-tech.

For my color choices, I picked the ones I know I can forever look at — blue, my favorite color. Luckily, it’s my husband’s favorite color too, so the color scheme wasn’t met with resistance. 🙂

The shades I picked apparently translated well when printed as business cards. Here’s how they look!

The company brochure I made for our company revolved around the theme of “imagination.” I really enjoyed coming up with the graphics. I won’t post all the pages here for simplicity’s sake, but here’s a preview:

Our website is currently under construction (it has been for years!), but our info’s there, in case you want to get in touch.