Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your packages for literary authors only?
Because I’m an author myself, and the artistic challenge of varying genres and age groups is fun for me. Aside from sympathizing with author struggles, creating websites with books and authors is something I don’t mind doing often.

What about bloggers? Aren’t you a blogger too?
Yeah, that’s true. But I am just one just one person 🙂 With my day job, writing, blogging, and freelance designing, I can’t do everything. Maybe sometime in the future, I’ll come up with packages for bloggers too.

Why are you charging $500 to get your name off the site credits? I’m paying for this site!
Yeah, you are. But you’re getting it at a packaged, discounted price. To avail of the discounted price, leaving my name on the site credits is part of the deal. You also need to understand that I get my clients through referral. I recognize the importance of somebody loving your site enough to come to me for business, so I’m willing to let go of $500 for my name and URL to stay on the credits. If you really don’t want people to know where you had your site made, that’s okay as long as you’re willing to pay $500.

I am a publisher / PR agent for authors / digital marketer for authors / ad agency for authors etc.. Can I purchase the Author Website and/or Complete Author Brand package for my author/client?
Yes, you can, but I won’t change the payment terms. One of the reasons I prefer to deal with authors directly is the turnaround time for payment disbursement. If you can stick to my terms (50% down payment before the project starts, and settle the remaining balance three days before deployment), then we’re good.

Where can I get coupon codes?
It depends on my mood, really. If I’m feeling wordy, I post them on the blog section of this site. But if I’m lazy, I’ll just tweet about them using the Filipino Web Designer Twitter account. Be sure to check out both regularly so you won’t miss any!

I sent you the 50% down payment via Paypal and you confirmed. What’s next?
My confirmation email will include a comprehensive design questionnaire, which I hope you will answer with as many details as possible. Because the more specific you are, the easier it’ll be for me to give you the design you want in one go. You can read more about my Design Process here.

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