I’m teasing, I know

I was reading through Terry’s ArenaWP and saw that he doesn’t have anything against releasing a theme entry to the public before he releases them in his site. Well, that’s good. If that’s the case, you guys will see my two entries sooner than you thought—sooner than WE thought.

Since the deadline for ArenaWP has expired anyway, I don’t see any harm in showing you guys the new themes in their full glory. They still won’t be available for download here at the moment though. I’ve submitted the themes to Jame’s Theme Viewer and Silkjaer’s WordPress Theme Park. To be honest, I don’t want my server to shoulder all the download requests. I’m being hosted here by SheeroMedia for free, and I might be pushing my luck too far if I do that hehe. I’ll just put up alternative download locations here when the themes are up in those sites.

I have installed Ryan Boren‘s Theme Switcher plug-in on the side bar so you guys can easily preview the themes.

By the way, the newest theme I made is called “Kurtina,” which is translated in Filipino as “curtain.” The story behind it is pretty boring, I was just inspired by the nice texture and patterns of the curtain my mom made for me to put on my bedroom windows. I initially used this as a the main layout of my photo blog, Pixeliera. I’ll be changing the layout of that site soon to a more simplistic, photo-bloggy feel, so I just modified the theme a bit for general use. Enjoy!

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