The Old Blog

Bonky WP automatic upgrade was a blessing in disguise :P

Redesigning this blog has been long overdue… Like ONE or TWO years overdue. I just haven’t got the time to sit down and make something just for me—yep, work has been taking a huge chunk of my time. Most of the time, work stresses me out so much that I don’t want to do anything […]

Volcom Call for Art t-shirt design contest

Before my blog hits one year of no updates (my last effing post was last November 2007, and it’s September already), here’s something for the Philippine-based graphic artists out there: So, what do you get out of it?

Are blogs bad for web designers?

“Neglecting this blog” is an understatement—I haven’t been blogging at all in this blog. Sorry about that. I guess I’ve just been so busy with work that I felt talking about anything that directly pertains to my profession won’t do any good to my stress levels. Anyway, on to the topic! I have to admit […]

Personalized news with Thoof

Note: This is a sponsored post. Thoof is a user-generated news and information service web site. Basically, the site shows Personalized News submitted by visitors. Kind of like Boing Boing, but Thoof has a way better Web 2.0 interface. As a web designer, I can’t help but notice the interface first before anything else. Because […]

Should you include everything in your portfolio?

I’ve been doing freelance work since 1999. Some projects I’ve done are still existing, while others have simply succumbed to the “fall” of the dot-com boom. There are some sites I’ve designed that have already been changed or have their domain expired. So, the question is, should you include everything you’ve done in your portfolio? […]

Kaban: The answer to the Philippines’ shopping cart issues?

Me neglecting this blog is an understatement. My most “recent” post was last February. Cripe. Well, my husband is now officially resigned from his day job—somebody would be around to nag me to keep this blog up-to-date. Besides, our company website is now sporting its new design—which means, I’ll have more time to blog here […]

Look, ma! No Javascript!

First of all, I’d like to apologize (again!) for my lack of updates. I know I promised you guys new themes. Believe me, I’m working on them on my spare time. Unfortunately, spare time is a luxury for me these days. So, to make up for it, allow me to give you a short tutorial […]

Can design be learned?

I’ve been seeing this discussion all over the internet—designers’ forums, mailing lists, blogs, articles, and what-have-you’s. I think it’s about time I give my own opinion about it. Besides, this blog’s been stagnant for months—it’s about time I write something on it. A lot of people say design is art per se, but I beg […]

How do you know if your blog is ready for a new look?

That’s one question I’ve been poundering on lately for this blog and my personal blog, Kutitots. I’ve been doing mostly blog re-designs lthe past few weeks (not mine, but for my clients), that I’ve considered getting one myself. I haven’t really bothered to ask my clients WHY they wanted one, but I guess the answer […]

The B5media $2m

Ok, I don’t normally like blogging about stuff like this here, but this is really interesting. Well, for me at least. What can I say? I’m a sucker for hearing about controversies (I just don’t like being in one myself hehehe) 😀 I first heard the news about B5media getting a $2 million VC funding […]

Themes in transit

I think I have at least two or three free themes in the works at the moment, but I just can’t find the time to finish them. Work is taking up my weekdays, and my weekends are usually spent preparing for my wedding (which is only about two months away) or simply rejuvinating. I’ve been […]

Designing for newspapers and the Web

I was invited to give a lecture on graphic design for a group of students from a nearby university. These students are actually members of their school paper’s graphic design team, so obviously, the focus of the talk was for print. However, they also wanted to know the main difference in web and newspaper design. […]

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