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Note: This is a sponsored post.

Thoof is a user-generated news and information service web site. Basically, the site shows Personalized News submitted by visitors. Kind of like Boing Boing, but Thoof has a way better Web 2.0 interface.

As a web designer, I can’t help but notice the interface first before anything else. Because for me, good design isn’t just about fancy graphics and color combinations—it’s also about how usable a site is. I don’t find Boing Boing’s layout very attractive—they should have spent a bit more time on paying attention to how important proper spacing is, it’s just so hard to read—and I think this is where Thoof is at an advantage.

The site has made a good use of colors, a refreshing combination of green and orange shades. However, the yellow mouse-over effect of the header navigation bar could use a bit of work. A lighter shade of yellow perhaps?

In terms of being user-friendly, I found it quite easy to use the “Send to a friend” link. I’m the type of viewer who doesn’t like loading new pages so much—I think it wastes my time—so I guess that’s why I really like the way they presented this feature. You just click on the link and a javascript-enabled overlay popup appears—not like the annoying adverts popups mind you, but one that’s similar to a Lightbox popup. I just wish they did the same for the Edit feature too.

Thoof also allows you to hide posts that you don’t like. Again, another one with a javascript effect.

Another thing I really like about this site is the fact that the community is encouraged to suggest improvements (this is done through their “Edit” feature). Maybe I’m biased, being a blogger myself, but I honestly think that for a site to be truly interactive, there should be reader participation.

To be honest, I basically see Thoof as improvement to Boing Boing. It’s similar, but this one’s more interactive. And that, I think, is what Thoof should capitalize on: its strengths. Boing Boing’s been around for quite some time, but if Thoof continues to capitalize its strengths and continuously improve its features with users in mind, I think this new personalized news site’s future would be promising.

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