Volcom Call for Art t-shirt design contest

Before my blog hits one year of no updates (my last effing post was last November 2007, and it’s September already), here’s something for the Philippine-based graphic artists out there:

So, what do you get out of it?

-A cash prize of Php25,000.00
-A Php 10,000 shopping spree of Volcom stuff from Aloha Boardsports.
-Plus, media mileage and bragging rights for holding the title of being a Volcom Featured Artist

You can use any art or graphics medium. Just be sure to submit it in the following formats:

-16 ½” width x 23 ½” height JPEG format with 300 dpi
*Artwork should incorporate the Volcom stone.

More details can be found at the Volcom Call for Art microsite.

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