Creative distractions

I’ve been so distracted lately. It’s obvious, isn’t it? I haven’t been updating this blog for quite a while now.

Aside from work and this secret “project” I’m working on for this blog (promise, it’s coming soon!), site rippers have been getting on my nerves lately. The first one is still under “negotiations” between our company‘s Marketing Director and the person’s PR guy, so I still can’t blog about it… YET. The second one is actually just a nuisance I can’t seem to be rid of, and I’ve pretty much vented out about it on my personal blog. With so many things going on in my mind right now, even my fiance, Marc, is beginning to wonder how in the world I’m still able to design for work.

Well, blame it on this startup business my sister, Marc and I are working on. Filipino Artisans is primarily focused on providing novelty invitations and souvenirs with a native Filipino touch (we make use of native materials). It’s still not my full-time job (web design will always be my first love), but working on invitation orders is a great creative fix. Staying too long in front of the computer is not only bad for your eyes and ass (it’s literally a PAIN in the ass… UGHH. Bad pun), but it can also be a source of a creative block. Doing arts and crafts every once in a while helps the creative juices to flow… Specially when you most need it.

I’ve been getting some emails asking me how I manage to keep on designing (thank you for those, by the way… They’re very comforting after a week of dealing with damn rippers)… Well, there’s your answer 🙂 My secret: arts and crafts (and no, it isn’t always about sex :D)

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